• Cameron Spinks
  • December 23, 2017

Looming Issues in a Booming Industry

The growing CBD industry may be booming, but there are still some issues looming. While the CBD industry is continuing to grow favor among citizens the American government is still having a tough time deciding what CBD is to them. The DEA has been making efforts to change the specifics of their classification of marijuana, by adding that an extract from the plant family is considered to be marijuana. Many argue that because the CBD products found outside of the legal marijuana states is coming from industrial hemp plants it is not included in this classification. Hemp growing and processing is regulated by state governments and allows individuals to grow for production or research. The DEA does not think these hemp producers should be manufacturing extracts from the plants. 

One of the main reasons that marijuana is a scheduled substance is because there is not enough U.S. based research on medical properties and benefits. There is only one facility in the country that has a DEA license to grow, harvest, and research marijuana. This causes a lack of access, knowledge, and diversity in quality. With limits to who can study the effects, there is not enough information for the DEA to use to show the benefits.

We as an industry also face the FDA, who says that CBD is not a dietary supplement. Because a pharmaceutical company has started to work on an isolated CBD product the corresponding patent excludes CBD from the supplements market. Many argue that CBD was sold and used as a supplement prior to the patent application was sent in. The FDA also has restricted the claims that CBD companies can make. While there is plenty of information available to the general public CBD producers cannot claim to have any medical benefits.  These claims have caused the FDA to send letters to companies who claim that CBD has benefits telling them they must remove the claims.

There are a number of organizations and associations who are fighting for the rights of CBD consumers and producers. The American Herbal Products Association believes in the capabilities of CBD and other herbal products that have been used for wellness for generations, and fights for them to stay on shelves and available to the public. The Hemp Industry Association is another group that has taken the government to court for the rights of those in the hemp industry. In many states, senators are writing legislation for the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and hemp products. We are at a point in time where natural solutions for general wellness can be available to those in need. We as a people can stand behind the politicians and organizations fighting to help everyone access the products they need.

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May 30, 2018 at 14:42

Where can we find a form to submit to the FDA evidencing the benefits we have experienced by using CBD? Imagine how many would be submitted if every CBD user participated. I am a chronic pain patient who was housebound before using CBD. TODAY I was outside cleaning my new RV. And I am opiate free for the first time since 2007. I know several others with similar testimonies so I know there are substantially more of us than the number of people used in clinical trials. The only studies taken into consideration are controlled by the Federal Government and I would bet the Feds also have an employee whose job is to redact the final reports to make sure they are in line with government goals. Marijuana will eventually be conditionally legalized (to their benefit) but not until the current decision makers’ have exhausted this lifetime. I am saddened that I won’t live to see it happen and I have a life expectancy of 26.6 years based on the government statistics.