• Cameron Spinks
  • May 30, 2018

Relief On The Go!

The Stash CBD Drip Stix are the perfect introduction into the world of CBD. With a half milliliter of our Gold Drops, full spectrum terpene rich CBD with a tasty strawberry flavor, in a disposable pen. You can get the flavor and effects that our CBD is known for with out a big set up. The Drip Stix are the ultimate in ease of use, simply open and rip it. Each pen has nearly 38 milligrams of CBD per tank, amounting to roughly 300 pulls of use. Disposable pens are an inexpensive option for new users to test the waters of CBD vapes. Once a customer tries the Drip Stix they will come back for the next size up and the hardware they need to kick it up a notch. The easiest way to introduce a person to CBD and its benefits is our disposable Drip Stix pen. Experience the difference with every drop, even on the go. 

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