• Cameron Spinks
  • December 06, 2017

Stash CBD

We want to help increase your profits.

CBD is one of the largest growing industries in the country. The industry is projected to be $450 million annualy by 2020 from hemp based products. This presents an opportunity for you to boost the sales you are doing and your customer flow. With an unlimited amount of options for brands, there are factors to consider in using CBD to grow your business and customer base.

The first is quality, which will be the most important to your shoppers. We at Stash CBD use only the highest quality hemp plants in a vertically integrated production facility in Denver, Colorado. This gives us complete control over maintaining consistency, resulting in a product that never fails to do the job.

Consistency is another issue that will be encountered in this market, keeping products on your shelves is vital for keeping consumers happy. The standard CBD consumer expects to be able to get the products they need them. A steady production rate allows for Stash CBD to keep your stock full, we do not want your customers to have to wait on us.

Customer service for you and for the end user is also a major factor for CBD products. If there are issues or questions it is important to be able to find solutions and answers. Our staff is here for the sole purpose of serving the customer, whether that is you or your shoppers. We want to make sure the people using Stash CBD feel comfortable and safe by supplying any knowledge we can.

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